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The athletic venue is actually another classroom in which student-athletes are expected to experience an additional part of their education.  The key in this statement is “part,” and the student-athlete must understand the athletic experience in its proper perspective.  Participation in athletics should be understood not as a right but as a privilege with responsibilities attached.

To this end, Sacred Heart Catholic School has adopted the following athletic rules and responsibilities:

  • Every child who has attended practice and put forth effort will have the opportunity to play in each game. It should be understood that not all children have the same ability or will play the same amount of time.  Every effort, however, will be made to assure that each child does participate at some time during the game.
  • At any sports activity, everyone is expected to conduct himself/herself in a fair and Christian manner. Verbal or physical abuse by the coaching staff, players, or spectators will not be tolerated.  Regardless of the outcome of the game, all are to participate with the sense of Christian conduct.

Athletics can make a positive contribution to a child’s self-esteem while developing physical skills and character.  A child should be a “WINNER,” not because of the score, but because he/she has contributed to the group effort and has been treated as a worthwhile member of the team. For more specific rules, please refer to the Athletic Handbook. All students and coaches participating in extra-curricular activities including basketball and cheerleading must have a signed copy of the Athletic Handbook agreement on file in the office.

Any students playing sports for El Reno Public Schools are subject to the rules and regulations of the Public Schools.  Students must maintain a 80% or above grade average to remain eligible.

Read the 2017-2018 Sacred Heart Athletic Handbook  Sacred Heart Catholic School Athletic Handbook 2017-2018

Electronic Use Policy

        Telephone/Cell Phone

Students may use classroom phones or the office phone with the permission of the school personnel.  Students may not use any other phones in the building without permission from school personnel. Student cell phone use during school hours will not be permitted. If a cell phone becomes a distraction by ringing or student use during the school day, the cell phone will be taken to the office and subject to the following consequences:

First time:  Warning and a parent/guardian will retrieve the phone from the office

Second time:  $10 fine for the parent/guardian to retrieve the phone

Third time: $20 fine for the parent/guardian to retrieve the phone

Fourth time: $50 fine for the parent/guardian to retrieve the phone

Fifth time:  The phone will be kept until the end of the school year

(All funds collected will be used for the purchase of technology for the school.)

Items taken away from students will be returned to the parent/guardian.

If a student has a phone at school, it should be given to the homeroom teacher upon arrival in the morning.  The cell phone should be parked in the off position for the day.  The cell phone may be picked up by the student at dismissal.  At no time, during school hours, should a cell phone be in student’s locker or possession.

School administration reserves the right to search the phone if there is a reasonable suspicion that the safety and well-being of the student, school, its staff and students is/are at risk or reasonable suspicion of a school related wrong doing.


Electronic readers (E-readers) are digital devices that can store books, periodicals, magazines and other electronic media.  E-readers like Kindle’s, Nooks, iPads, and iTouch are quickly becoming ubiquitous in our digital culture and simply cannot be ignored.  Sacred Heart, in striving to maintain technological relevance in education, is providing the opportunity for students to use these devices in accordance with our E-reader Acceptable Use Policy.  This opportunity is a privilege that requires extra caution and responsibility both on the part of the students and their parents.

E-reader Acceptable Use Policy:

The wide variety of hardware and software capabilities of available E-readers makes them challenging to monitor and control in a school environment in contrast with school owned technology like computers, etc.  Therefore our E-reader acceptable use policy needs to be specific and clear.  A student who violates any portion of the E-reader Acceptable Use Policy may immediately lose the privilege to use their E-reader at school for a length of time commensurate with the nature of the violation.  E-readers fall under the Student Acceptable Use of Personal Devices Policy, and a copy of the signed agreement form must be on file in the office.

    1.  All E-readers must be registered with the homeroom teacher and accompanied by the Acceptable Use Agreement signed by both the parent and student.
    2. E-readers are to be used only for the reading of school approved material (books, etc.)  and not for other purposes such as communication, entertainment, music, gaming, etc.
    3. All material on the E-reader must comply with the spirit and policies of Sacred Heart School.  Please refer to the handbook for more details.
    4. All E-readers must have cellular and network capabilities disabled (turned off) while the device is at school.
    5. E-readers must be used at appropriate times in accordance with teacher instructions.  The E-reader must not be a distraction for the student or those around him/her nor be a source of any classroom disruption.
    6. E-readers are not to be used during lunch, middle-school breaks, or during playground/recess time.
    7. The student is responsible for knowing how to properly and effectively use their E-readers and this should not be a burden for teachers.
    8. Sacred Heart Catholic School is not responsible for E-readers that are lost, stolen or damaged at school.

School administration reserves the right to search the E-readers/tablets if there is a reasonable suspicion that the safety and well-being of the student, school, its staff and students is at risk or reasonable suspicion of a school related wrong-doing.

Blogs: Engagement in online blogs such as, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter may result in disciplinary actions if the content of the student’s or parent’s blog includes defamatory comments regarding the school, faculty, other students or the parish.

Photo Sharing Sites: Photos, captions, and comments on aps such as, but not limited to Snapchat and Instagram that depict the school, faculty, other students, or the parish in a defamatory way may result in disciplinary action.

Sexting:  Students involved in possession or transmission of inappropriate photos on their cell phones or other electronic devices face suspension and/or expulsion.  Sacred Heart Catholic School is legally obligated to file a police report in all cases.

Texting:  Students should at no time be involved in texting during the course of the school day.  Students involved in texting at school face detention, suspension and/or expulsion.

Online Sites: Online sites such as, but not limited to, virtual reality sites, online games, etc. can pose a developmental and moral risk to the life of a student.  Parents are cautioned to be aware of the online sites visited by their children, knowing that often predators are not living in a neighborhood, but within the home via a computer.  Students who have avatars that depict other students, teachers or parish staff in a defamatory light face detention, suspension, or expulsion.


Sacred Heart Catholic School attempts to provide a safe environment for all individuals.  Any action based on lack of respect for others, including sexual and physical abuse, and the creation of a hostile environment by students, faculty and/or staff will not be tolerated at Sacred Heart Catholic School.  The principal investigates all complaints of bullying, harassment or intimidation.  Students making threats (seriously or in jest or online) or who are involved in bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or intimidation face detention, suspension and/or expulsion.

Harassment, intimidation and bullying means any gesture, written (including using technology such as, but not limited to texting, social media, tweeting, email, etc.), or verbal expression or physical act that a reasonable person should know will harm another student, damage property, or insult or demean any student or group of students in such a way as to interfere with the school’s educational mission or the education of any student.

“At school” means on school grounds, at school-sponsored activities, or at school-sanctioned events.

All complaints will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action will be imposed.  The attached policy adopted for the 2014-2015 school year will be utilized for the investigation process and determination of the appropriate disciplinary action.  The signature of the student and parents in this handbook demonstrates compliance with this policy.

Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use

Students are encouraged to use the school’s computers/network and Internet connection for educational purposes.  Use of such resources is a privilege, not a right.  Students must conduct themselves in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner.   Unauthorized or inappropriate use, including any violation of the school’s policies and administrative guidelines, may result in cancellation of the privilege, disciplinary action consistent with the school’s rules, and civil or criminal liability.  Smooth operation of the school’s network relies upon users adhering to the acceptable use policy.  Students and parents must read and sign the Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement.

Gum and Candy

All food, including candy, may be eaten only at lunchtime in the cafeteria.  Exceptions may be made as school personnel sees necessary.  No food may be stored in desks or lockers.  Gum chewing is not permitted inside or outside on the school grounds.

    Nuisance Items

Toys, make-up, perfume, CD players, MP-3 players, iPods, headphones, cell phones, pagers, video games, etc. must be left at home.  If taken by a school employee, the item will be taken to the office.  Items taken away multiple times may be kept until the end of the school year.  Any “craze” which can be traded, swapped, etc. is considered a nuisance item and may not be brought to school.